Quotes & Reviews - on John Benton-Harris


New York In Old YorkImpressions Gallery, York England (Major One Person Show)

 “… Benton-Harris pictures emphasise the diversity and adaptability of man…  His New Yorkers parade their different national and ethic identity alongside evidence of their common membership of a single society…”

                                                                “Photography & Reality” - Laurie Taylor, New Society London


“John Benton-Harris” Creative Camera Collection Number-5 (27 page portfolio and text)


“… For us, given a private view of a public spectacle, these photographs can lead to insight into a curious nation.  Moreover, they add to our collective knowledge of the medium and bring us closer to the realisation of Steichen’s proclamation of the function of photography: “To explain man to his fellow man and to himself…”

                                                                           Peter Turner - Editor, Creative Camera, London


 “Yankee Eye On The English” Modern Photography, Great Images Number -10 (Major  portfolio)

 “… Following in the tradition of Cartier-Bresson, John Benton-Harris Hs a precise sense of timing for that moment when seemingly random, discrete visual events coalesce.  He uses this sense to reveal his fellow man with tender humour and compassionate insight.”

                                                      Julia Scully - Editor, Modern Photography, New YorkNew York      


Benton-Harris “At Home” - Amateur Photography (portfolio and text)

 “… His pictures are succinct, his printing a joy, each photograph is, almost, a piece of the Benton-Harris philosophy, wrenched from within him and moulded in tone and shape and dept of black until it mirrors exactly his thought…”

                                                                    George Hughes - Editor, Amateur Photography, London


“John Benton-Harris” - The Photographers’ Gallery (one person show)

“… What lifts this exhibition out of the ordinary is the optimism, the sincerity, even the charity, with which Benton-Harris photographs the social gatherings even when the participants behave fairly appallingly.”

                                                              Tim Imrie - (Critic) British Journal of Photography, London



“Saint Patrick’s Day Parade” - Irish American, New YorkNew York

 “I knew, there just had to be someone like Benton-Harris out there, making a speciality of celebrating his day in such a very special way”.

                           Patricia Hardy - Editor in Chief, Irish American Magazine, New YorkNew York 


 “John Benton-Harris” - Photographs in England, Ireland & New York”

                                                             (Photographic Gallery, Cardiff)

“… Whatever stance he might adopt towards a subject, and in this, of course, he plays at being God, one can be assured that it was not lightly taken: and one can be assured it was honestly taken”

“… As befits his New York background, he is a truly streetwise photographer, a born pricker of human vanities an not only of the vain English”.

                                   Gerry Badger (Critic) Photographers Gallery News & Information, London


“The Body English” Camera Arts, U.S.A. (portfolio)

“… Benton-Harris is a street-shooter of the classic mould…”

“Using his every skill of stealth and snap-on-the-go photography, he has been defining England both to the English and the outside world for the past 32 years".   “… Benton-Harris retains the special advantage of being a foreigner; he hones this edge to become possibly the foremost contemporary delineator of English eccentricity and exaggeration, despite his instant denials of any such intentions”.

  Bob Schwalberg - Senior-Editor, Camera Arts, New YorkNew York


 “John Benton-Harris” - The Photography Gallery, London

 “John Benton-Harris images are not quaint.  Often they are not reassuring.  But they are not malicious or spiteful.  He is not interested, simply in what might be seen as eccentricities of his subjects, their quirks, their good humour or even their simple despair, or anguish.  To evoke sentimental pity or score a few easy laughs is not his game, though his work is not, without sentiment.  The games other photographers play are not for him.”

Gerry Badger (Critic) Photographers Gallery Newsletter, London

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